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Randall Brody
Tax Samaritan Founder

Randall has worn many hats in the business world, including serial entrepreneur, a former banker, and NTPI Fellow, as well as IRS Enrolled Agent and current CEO of Tax Samaritan.

Randall is far from new to the tax preparation game. Throughout his lengthy career as an Enrolled Agent and tax preparation professional, he has operated three successful brick-and-mortar tax offices and prepared thousands of returns. He eventually moved to a completely online business model. The result of that gutsy move was Tax Samaritan – an innovative tax preparation business that provides the advice and solutions to empower both the overseas taxpayer and taxpayers in the U.S.

What's in the Guide

Filing a tax return

Income to report on your return

How to save money on your return living outside of the U.S.

Adjustments that can lower your taxable income

Reduce double taxation with the foreign tax credit

U.S. tax treaty benefits

Additional form filing requirements

...and much more

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Randall prepared my overseas taxes, and helped me to file my FBARs. He was honest, reliable, and very professional. There were many complex issues to sort out, with local tax codes and documents in another language. He did a great job of interpreting this information and asking the right questions, which saved time on my end, as well.

Patrick M.
Berlin, Germany

Tax Samaritan keeps abreast with the ever changing laws relating to income tax filing for US citizens living outside the USA. In my experience, they are thorough, process oriented, communicate well and are above all very professional in their delivery of tax filing service. They make US income tax filing easy.

Ananth I.
New Delhi, India

Randall and his team demonstrated extensive knowledge of expat tax issues and requirements and greatly assisted me in my tax filings. They were responsive, timely, polite, and proactive in their correspondences and actions. I would recommend them to others and also use them again without hesitation.

Gilbert L.
Bangkok, Thailand