"Mr. Brody was recommended to me by a colleague. I was 4 years behind in filing my taxes and Mr. Brody straightened everything out and put me back on the right path. Mr. Brody is very honest, efficient and trust worthy. I highly recommend his company Tax Samaritan for filing taxes and/or dealing with any IRS issues."
- Delphine B. (Afghanistan)

"I have done my own taxes for the few years without a hiccup until this year. I got the dreaded letter from the IRS for an audit for which I owed almost $5K. In a panic I searched for a reputable tax accountant to help me out and luckily I found Randall. Randall was thorough, competitively priced and extremely flexible. In the end he got my return down to only $600. I highly recommend Randall for any of your Tax needs and will be using him myself from here on for all of mine."
- Jerrod S. (Nevada)

"Randall Brody has just helped me successfully file 6 years of back taxes. His diligence and attention to detail is impressive."
- Michael G. (Texas)

"I had some strange inquiries coming from the IRS while in Afghanistan this past tax season and reached out to Randall to see if he could help. He not only accepted but within 96 hours, he had done 5 years of forms, contacted the IRS on my behalf and the next thing I knew a headache turned into a pay day as I received two checks from the IRS within 30 days. Randall has become my tax professional for life as he has a great deal of integrity, is tireless and I feel very comfortable knowing he is in business and there for me next year. I highly recommend his firm to anyone.:
- Chet L. (Florida)

"At very short notice, Randall Brody helped me resolve some urgent tax issues. An Enrolled Agent like Mr. Brody is a professional specifically credentialed by the Internal Revenue Service to represent U.S. taxpayers. He navigated me through the complex compliance issues that many expatriates face. Although he was physically 5,000 miles away from me, this was not an issue. Mr. Brody proved to be extremely responsive to my queries. He is also adept in the use of digital collaboration tools to speed the exchange of paperwork. I recommend Mr. Brody highly, and will use him again."
-  Camille M. (United Kingdom)

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