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New FBAR Due Date

December 20, 2016 - Randall Brody

The new annual due date for filing Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) for foreign financial accounts is April 15. This date change was mandated by the Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015, Public Law 114-41 (the Act). Specifically, section 2006(b)(11) of the Act changes the FBAR due … Continue reading New FBAR Due Date

Form 1040-NR

What is the Form 1040-NR?

December 5, 2016 - Randall Brody

The Form 1040-NR – Filing A Non Resident Alien Tax Return The Form 1040-NR is also known as the U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return and is the tax form you prepare and file if you are a nonresident of the United States. The American tax code is one of the most complicated series of … Continue reading What is the Form 1040-NR?

non-resident tax return

Filing a Non-Resident Tax Return

November 28, 2016 - Randall Brody

Two Types Of Non-Resident Tax Return Filing a non-resident tax return generally means one of two things: filing a non-resident state return and/or filing a non-resident alien return. A non-resident state return is for those who are not residents of the state but have income from a state that has an income tax and have … Continue reading Filing a Non-Resident Tax Return

IRS Form 1042-S

What Is The IRS Form 1042-S?

November 22, 2016 - Randall Brody

IRS Form 1042-S American tax laws are hard enough for Americans to understand. It can be much more difficult when you add a person who has income in the United States, but is not a resident, nor a US citizen and received an IRS Form 1042-S reporting US-source income. For folks with US source income, … Continue reading What Is The IRS Form 1042-S?

Professional Tax Service

Professional Tax Service – Top Six Tips For Choosing A Tax Company

September 26, 2016 - Randall Brody

Finding The Best Professional Tax Service For taxpayers who are wading through their options on where to prepare their tax return and choosing a professional tax service, we offer six tips to find the best professional tax service: Check the credentials of the tax preparer. All tax preparers, whether an Enrolled Agent, CPA or un-enrolled … Continue reading Professional Tax Service – Top Six Tips For Choosing A Tax Company