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My name is Randall Brody and I’m an Enrolled Agent. I specialize in tax resolution and I’d like to become a trusted partner for you and your clients that need help with the IRS and/or state authorities.

If your clients are having trouble with the IRS and you’re unable to help, they’ll likely start looking for a new tax professional.

I can help your clients get out of trouble with the IRS and I won’t solicit them for the tax work you already provide. I’ll simply help them with any tax resolution issues, sending them back to you for their tax prep.

By referring them to someone that will get them out of a very stressful situation with the IRS, you’ll become an even more trusted resource.

Plus, you earn referral fees for every client who signs on with me!

p.s. If your client needs assistance with tax compliance (tax preparation) or tax planning, we can help there too!

Randall Brody
Randall Brody, Enrolled Agent

Taking Care of Your Clients

Taking Care of Your Clients

When you trust me to help one of your clients, I promise to take great care of them. All your referrals will be followed up with within one business day. We pride ourselves on our quick email and phone response time.

No matter where your clients are located, it’s easy to work with us using our simple and secure online portal – they’ll never have to come into the office for meetings or to drop off documents. We can do it all online and over the phone.

It’s one of the things our clients love most about working with us.

We Will Never Take Your Clients

I understand why you might hesitate to refer your clients to another tax professional but I promise that we will not solicit your clients – under any circumstances. We simply want to help your clients with their IRS issues.

Tax Samaritan's Proven Results

Randall prepared my overseas taxes, and helped me to file my FBARs. He was honest, reliable, and very professional. There were many complex issues to sort out, with local tax codes and documents in another language. He did a great job of interpreting this information and asking the right questions, which saved time on my end, as well.
Patrick M.
Berlin, Germany
Tax Samaritan keeps abreast with the ever changing laws relating to income tax filing for US citizens living outside the USA. In my experience, they are thorough, process oriented, communicate well and are above all very professional in their delivery of tax filing service. They make US income tax filing easy.
Ananth I.
New Delhi, India
Randall and his team demonstrated extensive knowledge of expat tax issues and requirements and greatly assisted me in my tax filings. They were responsive, timely, polite, and proactive in their correspondences and actions. I would recommend them to others and also use them again without hesitation.
Gilbert L.
Bangkok, Thailand

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