Wherever You Live, We Speak The Language Of Expat Tax Help.

Do Americans really hate paying their taxes?

New studies actually suggest the opposite: in comparison to citizens of other countries, it turns out that we’re a lot more likely to view paying taxes as a civic duty, a patriotic act, even a moral obligation.

What we do hate? Preparing our taxes. It’s hard enough to get it right even when you’re sure you know all the rules. And this gets even more complicated for Americans overseas. When it comes to US tax compliance, what you don’t know will hurt you.

That’s where we come in.

We are Tax Samaritan, and we go out of our way to help people who find themselves in tax trouble. Specifically, we help Americans living overseas dig their way out of any current tax problems, and avoid falling into new ones in the future.

Of course, calling ourselves Samaritans gives us a lot to live up to. Here’s what makes us different from the typical tax preparer.

Caring: we’re driven to provide compassionate assistance. Yes, we make money doing what we do, but we’re people first, accountants second. We want to take away our clients’ worry as much as we want to solve their tax puzzle – meaning we’re out to generate as much relief as we do revenue.

Experienced: a little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing, especially in tax matters. It’s not enough to know the tax laws, you also have to know the common tax-prep mistakes people make that lead to trouble in the first place. We won’t say we’ve seen it all, but we’ve seen plenty – including how certain approaches other tax preparers take actually encourage errors to creep in.

Credentialed: we are not just CPAs but EAs – Enrolled Agents, certified by the IRS to represent taxpayers before the IRS for tax issues including audits, collections and appeals. Recognized in all 50 states, EA is the highest credential awarded by the IRS, so while the vast majority of our clients won’t ever need to take advantage of this backstop, they feel better knowing it’s there.

Responsive: the smartest expert in the world won’t do you any good if you can never reach him, or if he never replies to your messages. So we support our philosophy of compassionate assistance with a user-friendly technical infrastructure, ensuring that even tough questions find reassuring, robust answers, usually within 24 hours.

Because the US tax system places unique burdens on American taxpayers living abroad, it’s easy to make a mistake without even realizing it. So we’re expanding our offerings to increase the mix of tax resolution and tax controversy issues we can solve. Solidifying our infrastructure to make more Samaritans available. And continually improving the experience we deliver to our clients, to turn dread into delight even more often.

Our ambition isn’t to be the biggest, but to be the most helpful. Simply put, we’ll never tire of finding more ways to help more US expats get out of tax trouble – and stay out of it.

We’re Tax Samaritan. Wherever you live, we speak the language of expat tax help.