Mail Forwarding

Why Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is a quick and easy way to still have your mail delivered to a U.S. address (oftentimes the only way to receive U.S. mail) and still receive your mail on a timely basis while you are overseas.

By utilizing a remote mail forwarding service, you can review your snail mail wherever you are in the world.

How Does Mailbox Forwarding Work?

With mail forwarding you are provided with a mailing address and are able to access and review all of your mail online such as letters, documents and packages. This can be used for all sources of mail such as the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS and many more.

Quite simply, it works as easy as receiving e-mail.

You will be provided with a unique street address and box number where all of your mail can be sent.

When a piece of mail is received, the outside of the envelope will be scanned and will be viewable in a control panel.

Upon your request, they can open and scan the contents of the mail, shred and recycle the item or forward-ship to your home or business address.

Benefits Of Mail Forwarding

Living overseas, receiving your mail may not always as consistent and reliable as the U.S. Postal Service. By using a mail forwarding service, such as Mailbox Forwarding – View Your Paper Mail Online, you get the reliability of the USPS with the convenience of rapid electronic delivery of your mail.

This is a great solution to being unable to receive mail or receive mail on a timely basis and not wasting valuable time or missing important information.

Mailbox Forwarding provides world-class mail scanning solutions that allows individuals and small businesses overseas to view their US postal and other mail online anywhere in the world. They provide a real physical street address that is unique to you. When your mail arrives, they scan the outside of the envelope received and then you tell them whether you want them to scan the contents, forward the item, shred it, return it, or hold it.

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