About Tax Samaritan

Tax Samaritan in North Las Vegas, Nev. has helped over 9,500 taxpayers in resolving their expat tax issues and alleviate the burden of more than $800 million in tax debt. Founded in 1997, the firm specializes in complex issues involving individual, business, international, and expatriate tax. It also represents clients with tax problems in front of the IRS. We focus on our mission: to offer taxpayers a Peace of Mind experience. Our motto is straightforward: “Let’s work together to achieve a debt-free and stress-free life.” Subscribe to our free tax tips and advice via a newsletter available at: https://qrco.de/taxtips.

Press Contacts

For all PR, media, content and marketing related inquiries, please contact Xandra at:

Email: Xandra.Bacuetes@TaxSamaritan.com

Phone: 702-403-1232