Wealth Management

Clients worldwide trust IAM to help them grow their investment portfolios and attain their financial goals. We provide portfolio management, financial planning, and financial consulting services to individuals and small businesses on a discretionary or consultative basis.

Our expatriate clients benefit from a relationship with a financial services firm that is based in the United States but that specializes in expatriate financial issues and global investment strategies. We understand the expatriate lifestyle because we have been there ourselves.

Our US clients benefit from a global investment approach and a network of professionals to help with any financial planning need.

As an IAM client, you can always count on dealing directly with a financial advisor who holds the highest professional credentials in their field and who has the experience to take a proactive approach to offering guidance specifically tailored to your situation.

Our wealth management services are very straightforward. Wealth management is much more than just investment advice as it can encompass all parts of your financial life, including tax and investment planning*. We want to help solve your financial issues and enhance your financial situation. Wealth management with our firm means that we have the ability to deliver a full range of tax and financial services and products in a consultative way to clients regardless of your stage in life or level of affluence.

That means that our investment philosophy and wealth management process* is truly client-centered as it should be. We meet with our clients without any presupposition about what financial products or services are appropriate for you – rather our consultative process will identify your needs and goals (what’s important to you) which will drive our wealth management planning recommendations. Our wealth management entails coordinating our team of experts at Individual Asset Management (IAM) to address your needs and wants.

Exceptional Wealth Management Client Experience

Our wealth management and financial services practice is the positive result of delivering an exceptional client experience consistently. Such an experience builds loyalty, trust and respect from our clients.

We believe that an exceptional wealth management client experience can be described in three words – UNIQUE, INDISPENSIBLE and REPEATABLE.

To be UNIQUE is to be the only one of its kind or unlike anything else. We believe that being able to lead with taxes makes us unique. We understand your financial situation from both a high and detailed level that permits us to provide a holistic approach to wealth management that most wealth managers and financial planners* have little to no understanding about.

To be INDISPENSIBLE is to be essential or absolutely necessary. We believe that our 360-degree view of your financial and tax information, our ability to offer comprehensive wealth management services from a tax perspective and our clients trust and respect both for tax services and financial services makes us indispensible.

To be REPEATABLE is to be capable of producing the same result again and again. Using the wealth management tools and wealth management experts at our disposal with Individual Asset Management (IAM) allows us to offer every client a high-quality experience every time with the breadth of experience and knowledge that is impossible to obtain from any one single wealth manager or financial planner*.

We call this our Wealth Management Client Experience.

Our Wealth Management Planning Process* – A Clear Picture

Because life and the markets can change unexpectedly, you need a wealth management process* and investment plan* that considers your present, future and the unknown. Our process affords you the financial freedom to enjoy life’s moments as you build a foundation for your future.

We believe that financial goals should be well-defined and attainable with a sound wealth management plan that allows you to chart your progress – not obscure ideals that are difficult to measure. A wealth management plan should allow you the flexibility to make changes due to unexpected life events or market instabilities, since it is impossible to predict every moment.

But most importantly, we believe that you are the most critical component of your wealth management plan and it should directly reflect your vision for your future. That’s why we have an investment and retirement planning system that provides you with the tools and technology to identify and prioritize your life goals, decide on an appropriate investment strategy, monitor your progress, and make revisions wherever necessary. Our wealth management and investment philosophy can help bring your future into focus.

Click on our Wealth Management Planning Process* to learn more about how our wealth management process* creates confidence in us and the financial services that we provide and allows you to approach the future with optimism.

Our Wealth Management Philosophy – A Client-Focused Philosophy

Our Wealth Management Philosophy is to empower you to live your life on your terms by offering customization, transparency, flexibility and ease of mind. The process and the output give you a clear picture of what you desire for your future and the path that will help you get there.

Our Wealth Management Advantage / Financial Services Advantage

Our mission is to be a leading provider of wealth management and financial solutions through trusted, ethical and highly educated tax professionals who are dedicated to helping American families and small businesses pursue financial security. We accomplish this by offering products and services we believe in and are proud to use and recommend.

One of those advantages is our exclusive access to our clients’ tax data and being able to understand your tax situation at an expert level, which reveals a wealth of information about your ability to potentially reach your financial goals.

Click on our Wealth Management Advantage to learn more about our advantages.

People who set goals and find out what it takes to potentially meet them are more likely to reach their goals or come close.

Are you going to be okay in meeting your financial goals and what you need to do? If the answer is no or you are unsure about your current approach, let’s get started with setting your wealth management goals and get you on track.