Expat Resources

While overseas as an expat you are faced with an assortment of issues, from how to get your mail forwarded from the U.S. to overseas to saving money on foreign currency exchange when sending money home or making a large purchase or currency transaction. Many expats face the same challenge of finding a reputable service provider to solve these issues and more, in addition to finding a reputable professional to prepare your U.S. tax returns. At Tax Samaritan, we have compiled some expat resources to make this process easier.

We hope to make this process a little bit simpler and hopefully make a difference sharing expat resources that may help save you money and at the same time provide a quality service. Obviously, the choice is yours and you should research to find the right fit for you, but at Tax Samaritan we want to provide as much assistance as humanly possible with the expat resources we have uncovered over time by introducing you to carefully selected partners.

On this page you will find a link to different categories of these partners. Over time as we come across a service provider or hear about a service provider from our clients that we think that will be of value to others, we will make sure to share it here.

We hope that this will considerably shorten the time you will spend searching for service providers that you may need. All our partners are carefully selected and specialize in providing services for expats.

If you require more information regarding the service providers or if you wish to contact them, just click on their logo on the subsequent pages (links below). You will then be redirected to their website to learn more about their service and what they can do for you.

Categories of Expat Resources

Finally, if you have received excellent service or value from an expat resource, share your experience with us here at Tax Samaritan so that we can share your discovery with others.