We Don’t Take A One-Size-Fits-All Prescription To Resolving Your Tax Problem

Many people try to handle their tax problems themselves resulting in negative results with unfair penalties and interest. With our in-depth knowledge and team of tax debt relief experts, we can help you resolve your difficult and challenging IRS and state tax problems.

You deserve individual attention and that is why we don’t take a one size fits all approach to tax resolution and our working relationship with you. We take a “personalized” and “targeted” approach because each and every tax problem is unique and special to each individual taxpayer.

After our free tax debt analysis, you will receive a custom and detailed quote listing the specific areas that will be addressed as part of your tax resolution engagement.

Our fees are based on the value expert representative and are very competitive.

You will receive a flat fee based on your unique tax resolution requirements as determined from our free tax debt analysis. That way there is no surprises and you know what to expect as it pertains to the strategy and cost of fixing your tax problem. Assuming that there are no additional tax problems uncovered once the review and background research process begins, the fee you will be charged will be the same as the flat fee quote that you receive upfront.

Free Tax Debt Analysis

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What Our Clients Like You Say About Tax Samaritan

“Tax Samaritan is a good trustworthy service and Randall is a pleasure to deal with. I dealt with them over a 1 year period on what were to me complex issues involving a long period of time/years and Randall stuck through it with me and provided good guidance all the way. I highly recommend Tax Samaritan.”
– Daniel W. (Thailand)

“I have had my tax returns prepared by Randall for a few years now, and the results are consistently good despite my complex tax situation. Recently he successfully filed a letter of protest with a state tax authority, reducing my tax bill for that state from about $30,000 to $0. I would recommend him for anyone who lives overseas and needs tax returned prepared or any tax advice.”
– Kenneth A. (Sydney, Australia)

“I am a self-employed US citizen living abroad for several years. Randall Brody (Tax Samaritan) prepared my overseas taxes, and helped me to file my FBARs. Randall was honest, reliable, and very professional. There were many complex issues to sort out, with local tax codes and documents in another language. Randall did a great job of interpreting this information and asking the right questions, which saved time on my end, as well. He always answered my questions in a timely manner, sometimes almost immediately. I thought it would be difficult because of the time difference, but Randall always seemed available and happy to help. I was very pleased with the services offered by Tax Samaritan and I will use them again for my future returns.”
– Patrick M. (Berlin, Germany)

“Randall does an extremely thorough job at explaining tax rules to his clients. He understands the tax needs of expats, and can answer any question related to income taxes for U.S. citizens living overseas. Furthermore, he responds promptly to emails, often times within minutes, and he helped me get back several thousand dollars I didn’t know was available to me. Also, he is patient and responds with kindness when answering questions that probably seem redundant or less than informed. I can’t recommend him enough.”
– Bryan C. (Doha, Qatar)

“I am very pleased to recommend Randall at Tax Samaritan.com. I discovered Randall by searching the internet for the answer to some tax questions. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge in the complicated matters of US taxes for expat Americans.Randall patiently answered my questions, and also quickly and accurately prepared my tax return. His service was prompt, friendly, and professional and he is the very best accountant I have ever used.”
– Brad B. (Richmond, United Kingdom)

“I would recommend Randall and his team for excellent service. They made it a simple and streamlined process for us to rectify ongoing tax issues. Their communication was great and they took off alot of stress from dealing with the IRS. They knew what forms to fill out especially with us living overseas. Great job!”
– Lisa C. (Cayman Islands)

“Mr. Brody was recommended to me by a colleague. I was 4 years behind in filing my taxes and Mr. Brody straightened everything out and put me back on the right path. Mr. Brody is very honest, efficient and trust worthy. I highly recommend his company Tax Samaritan for filing taxes and/or dealing with any IRS issues.”
– Delphine B. (Afghanistan)