Wealth Management Advantage

Our Wealth Management Advantage

Our key wealth management advantage and differentiator is in addressing your unique needs. We will work closely with you to create a sound financial plan exclusive to you.

We believe strongly that the Form 1040 (your tax return) is the best method of learning about our clients, monitoring their financial situation, and being able to uncover new opportunities. Your tax return reveals a wealth management advantage – of information about your ability to potentially reach your financial goals.

One-Stop Shop For Financial Services

We are serious about helping our clients meet all their financial challenges and our clients have one place they can go for most or all of their financial services.

Our mission is to be a leading provider of financial solutions through trusted, ethical and highly educated tax professionals who are dedicated to helping American families and small businesses pursue financial security. We accomplish this in partnership with one another, through our entire team of wealth management experts and professional support staff at Individual Asset Management (IAM), and by offering products and services we believe in and are proud to use and recommend. We have access to specialists in retirement, estate planning, Advisory, insurance, and practice management so that you know that you are receiving the absolute best and sound advice in each area.

We recognize that providing you with superior service means that we don’t attach our level of service to production or sales goals. In an industry where sales and production rankings drive everything, it’s nice to know there’s one place where numbers don’t define who you are or the importance of your business. You can count on us to always put you first…period. When we say we’re here to support you, we mean it – no strings attached!

The holistic approach we can bring as tax professionals to your planning process by leveraging the 1040 Analyst is unrivaled and provides a significant wealth management advantage. It presents a real opportunity to provide a holistic approach to address your greatest financial needs in a way that hasn’t been done before – using real tax data.

We offer a vast product line of mutual funds, annuity products, separately managed accounts, 1031 Exchange Strategies, and alternatives. The bottom line is the breadth of our product shelf is pretty hard to beat. And our product line doesn’t just end there.

Are you going to be okay in meeting your financial goals and what you need to do? If the answer is no or you are unsure about your current approach, let’s get started with setting your wealth management goals and get you on track by completing the form below.