Wealth Management Planning Process

Comprehensive Wealth Management Planning Process

Our vision is a comprehensive wealth management planning process that was designed from the point of view of you, the client, and allows you to be involved in every aspect of your investment plan.

Lead With Taxes. We begin by analyzing your tax return, zeroing in on your financial weaknesses and providing you with actionable information and recommendations on ways to strengthen these areas and your overall financial situation. From there, you are positioned to have informed investment discussions with us “leading with taxes”.

1. Define Major Life Goals

Our wealth management planning process is initiated with a candid conversation with you about your goals and your ability to attain them.

2. Determine Your Ideal And Acceptable Goals

Together, we will assign your goals either a “perfect” or “satisfactory” rating. Your “perfect” goals are your best-case-scenario goals, while your satisfactory goals are somewhat modified, but gratifying.

3. Prioritize Goals

We will together with you to effectively prioritize your goals and to ensure that we are both on the same page. This step will help give you a solid picture of your priorities and enables open discussions with us and other family members such as your spouse.

4. “Stress-Test” Goals

Your goals and investment strategy undergo stress-testing that simulates 1,000 random market environments to determine your probability of attaining your goals.

5. Make A Recommendation

Once we have a clear understanding of your “perfect” and “satisfactory” goals, we will make a recommendation that emphasizes or de-emphasizes your goals accordingly.

6. Implement Allocation

We will choose an appropriate investment mix to support your goals, concerns, risk tolerances and financial circumstances.

7. Monitor Progress

Our ability to constantly monitor your progress is what sets us apart from other wealth managers and planners. You can be confident that we will always have access to the most accurate and current information.

8. New Goals Or Priorities

Change is inevitable and it can affect your ability to reach your goals – sometimes prompting to create new goals altogether. Our process allows you to conveniently make changes to your investment plan as situations arise.

In order to effectively address your wealth management issues, such as tax planning, investment management and retirement planning, we will help you implement a plan. We will direct the focus of our conversations from addressing your financial issues or concerns to helping you pursue your financial goals. And because a plan entails several steps or a detailed strategy in order to get from where you are to where you want to be, we believe that by creating a plan for you, you are more likely to stick with the plan throughout your journey to reaching your financial goals.

Our planning tool and process enables us to:

  • Identify and prioritize your goals
  • Decide on an appropriate investment strategy
  • Monitor your progress towards your goals
  • Make revisions as life changes occur

Ultimately, our wealth management process creates confidence in us and the financial services that we provide and allows you to approach the future with optimism.

People who set goals and find out what it takes to potentially meet them are more likely to reach their goals or come close.