How to Get The Best Currency Exchange Rates

currency exchange rates

Best Currency Exchange Rates

We are excited to announce new partnerships with TorFX and Halo Financial. Both companies offer our clients greater stability and control, better exchange rates and dedicated service for your currency exchange needs.

Currency fluctuations and currency exchange rates can cost you money and loss of your hard-earned money. Even the tiniest variation in exchange rates can have a large impact on your exchange transaction – both of our recommended firms can provide currency exchange rates that are often much more competitive than what you can obtain from your bank. After all, who doesn’t want to receive the best currency exchange rates possible?

Both firms are a great alternative to banks – they charge less, offer better currency exchange rates and provide more personalized service for your currency exchange needs – all of which translates to getting the best currency exchange rate possible. They will take the time to explain their processes in simple terms so that whether you are transferring funds for the first time or are a seasoned expert, you will be in good hands.

I’m confident that you will receive a much better exchange rate than you’re used to getting.

At Tax Samaritan, commitment is to customer service and providing our customers with information that can help them save money and add value. I have found that both companies have a similar vision and approach based on both my own personal experience and feedback from our clients.

With both companies, you will benefit from:

  • Immediate cost savings
  • Better currency exchange rates
  • Better customer service
  • A dedicated currency exchange consultant
  • Enhanced protection from currency risk

When you have a need to exchange currency, you have the choice of using a foreign exchange broker, a bank or a money transfer firm. Following our recommended steps below can help you find the best exchange rate:

  1. Find out the currency exchange rate from your bank. Be sure to obtain both the exchange rate and fees to determine your total cost for currency exchange.
  2. Click on the foreign exchange brokers below to receive a free quote and compare to your bank.
  3. Be sure that however you decide to send your money, whether from a bank or broker, that they are regulated by their local government. All of our recommended partners below are regulated by the proper authorities in their jurisdiction and are reputable firms.
  4. Confirm that your preferred firm or bank can handle your transfer amount, currency and deadlines that you need.

Please click on one of our partners below to obtain a free quote and compare to your current provider to see how much you can be saving.

best currency exchange

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When looking for a tax professional, choose carefully. We recommend that you hire a credentialed tax professional such as Tax Samaritan that is an Enrolled Agent (America’s Tax Experts). If you are a US taxpayer overseas, we further recommend that you seek a professional who is experienced in expat tax preparation, like Tax Samaritan (most tax professionals have limited to no experience with the unique tax issues of expat taxpayers).

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