Top 10 Expat Resource Directories and the Reasons Why They Are Essential for Expatriates

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Moving to a foreign country as an expatriate can be an exciting yet challenging experience. The challenges of adjusting to a new culture, overcoming language barriers, making new friends, and navigating bureaucratic processes can be complex. Fortunately, expat directories offer a wide range of information and services to help expats navigate these challenges with their transition abroad. This article will explore the top 10 expat resource directories, each offering unique features and benefits, making life easier for expats worldwide. 

1. Just Landed – Your One-Stop Relocation Solution

Just Landed is an expat directory that provides a  convenient and comprehensive resource for individuals relocating and living abroad.  Their primary goal is to simplify moving to a new country and getting settled. They offer extensive country guides that cover important topics such as visa requirements, healthcare systems, and education. Additionally, Just Landed features a diverse expat directory with specialized services, a vibrant community for networking and sharing experiences, a housing portal with numerous listings, an international job market, and a classifieds marketplace, all tailored to meet the unique needs of those relocating to foreign countries.

2. Expat.com – A Comprehensive Platform for Expats

Expat.com is another comprehensive online directory designed to assist expatriates and individuals planning to move to a foreign country. It offers services and resources, including an active and lively expat community with forums and discussion boards that encourage connections among expatriates worldwide. The website provides detailed destination guides for various countries and cities, equipping users with crucial information on visas, healthcare systems, education, job opportunities, local cultures, dating norms, and more.

3. InterNations –  For Meaningful Connections Across Borders

InterNations is a popular social network for expatriates. It helps people living in a foreign country connect with others like them. You can attend events and join groups based on your interests. The platform provides useful resources like city guides, forums, and expert articles to help you make good decisions and build a supportive network in your new home. What’s special about InterNations is that it focuses on face-to-face meetings through local events, which helps you make meaningful connections with other expats.

4. International Living – Retirement and International Living Made Easy

Internationalliving.com is a specialized platform created by International Living for expats and people interested in living or retiring abroad. Its amazing features, like the daily postcard e-letter, retirement calculator, and magazine, make it unique. The daily postcard e-letter shares real stories and tips from expats worldwide, giving firsthand advice on living in other countries. The retirement calculator helps you plan for your retirement abroad by comparing costs and finances. Plus, you can access their exclusive magazine with in-depth articles, destination highlights, and expert advice, making it a valuable expat resource. With all these great features, pro.internationalliving.com supports and guides you to a successful and fulfilling life as an expat.

5. Expatica – A Must-Read Resource for English-Speaking Expats

Expatica.com is a comprehensive expat directory for English-speaking expats all over the world. It’s a one-stop place for everything you need about living abroad. You can find guides with important information on moving, working, and living in another country. The website has many useful features and expert-written guides on taxes, housing, jobs, education, and general life as an expat. It also has tools like the directory, which lists expat-friendly services; the housing search to find homes and apartments; and the job search for job opportunities. It’s a great resource that offers personalized help and support to expats on their international journey.

6. Angloinfo – Localized Content for Smooth Settlement

Angloinfo is another resource directory catering to expatriates and English-speaking communities worldwide. It offers extensive coverage of information tailored to individual cities and regions, providing localized content and practical advice for expats settling into specific locations. The website has many helpful features, like local business listings, classifieds, and job listings. This makes it easy for expats to find important services, housing, and job opportunities in their new places. Angloinfo also has lively community forums where expats can talk to each other, share experiences, and get advice from people who live there too. The website also has detailed how-to guides with honest and thorough information, making it a great resource for expats living or moving overseas.

7. ExpatWoman – Empowering Women and Families Abroad

ExpatWoman.com is a specialized expat directory that supports women and families facing new expat challenges. Their main goal is to connect, educate, and empower members all around the world through various networking opportunities, both online and offline. It’s a platform for women who are expats, have lived or worked abroad, want to move to another country, or just want to be part of an international community.  It offers comprehensive guides, community forums, events, job listings, blogs, and more to support them throughout their global journey.  Additionally, the website features a classifieds section for expats to buy and sell goods and a job board to assist in global job searches. With useful articles, expert interviews, and real-life expat stories, ExpatWoman.com becomes a valuable resource for anyone facing the challenges of living abroad.

8. ExpatExchange – Connecting Expats Worldwide

ExpatExchange.com is one of the pioneering expat directories dedicated to addressing the specific needs of expatriates, digital nomads, and retirees worldwide.

It helps connects expatriates worldwide, offering a range of resources and forums for international relocation. The directory covers various topics, including international schools, real estate, healthcare, counseling, and banking. Expats can leverage the platform to ask questions, share experiences, and receive valuable insights from fellow expatriates.

9. ExpatInfoDesk – Your All-Inclusive Expat Hub

ExpatInfoDesk.com is an all-inclusive expat directory dedicated to providing a wide range of resources and services tailored to meet the needs of expatriates. Whether you need help with visas, money advice, taxes, moving, schools, or learning a new language, they’ve got it covered. What makes ExpatInfoDesk.com stand out is that it focuses on companies run by expats or those dedicated to helping expats. This way, you get unique and specialized support from people who understand what it’s like to live abroad. With its comprehensive listings and expat-focused approach, ExpatInfoDesk.com is a valuable resource that makes living abroad easier and more fulfilling by connecting you with the right services for your specific needs.

10. Expat Focus – Extensive Guides and Up-to-Date Resources

ExpatFocus.com is an extensive expat directory facilitating moving abroad. They have detailed guides for over 80 countries, giving you all the important information you need for a successful relocation. This website is dedicated to offering lots of valuable resources and services for individuals who are planning to live or work abroad. You can find guides for popular expat destinations, interesting articles written for expats, a monthly email newsletter with useful tips, stories from expats worldwide, and an entertaining podcast you can listen to online. What sets Expat Focus apart is that they have been around for a long time, more than two decades, and have earned trust as a reliable and essential resource for anyone thinking about or starting an expat journey.


In summary, expat resource directories have made life easier for people living abroad or planning to move to another country. They offer valuable information, specialized services, and friendly communities that support expats in facing challenges and finding what they need. With these directories, you can connect with others who understand your experiences and access important information easily. Using these directories can make your expat journey much smoother and more enjoyable as you adapt to life in a foreign country.

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